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Specialist Paints

Raddle, Satin Enamel

Raddle is a range of satin finish enamels designed primarily for the roof and deck areas on boats, though also useful in other areas where a gloss finish is not desirable

Available as standards in 'Raddle Red' & 'Light Grey'. Any other colour can be produced in minimum 1 litre quantities

Anti-Slip Deck Paint

A highly textured paint, for use in areas where grip is paramount. Typically used on boat decks but also commercial vehicle bodies and stairs

Available in any colour to special order, minimum quantity 1 litre

Heat Resistant Blacks

Our Heat Resistant Blacks are designed for use in association with steam engines. They are not suitable for the rigours of Automotive usage

We offer two different Heat Resistant Blacks. The first is our Smokebox Black which is heat resistant to around 200'C and in our experience well suited to the majority of miniature and full size steam engines. It doesn't require heat curing and is best applied to a suitable primed surface.

For something hotter we have our Heat Resistant VHT. This will tolerate temperatures of 300'C but requires heat curing at 180'C between coats and multiple coats must be applied to clean bare metal.