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Coach Enamel

A1 Locomotive 'Tornado'.

Craftmaster are proud to have partnered the A1 Trust as paint supplier to this iconic locomotive. We look forward to supplying their next project; the P2 Locomotive 'Prince of Wales'

Craftmaster Coach Enamel is a premium quality brush applied paint. Designed for use with traditional coach painting techniques, our Coach Enamel flattens out to leave a smooth mirror finish.

Featuring unparalleled pigment content, meaning better coverage, and longevity, Craftmaster Coach Enamel is the market leader in brush applied paints. Its use on numerous high profile projects by the best painters in the country back up its credentials for being the top of its class.

Don't worry if brush painting isn't your particular skill, there are various ways to apply our Coach Enamel, including Roller & Spray. Check out our 'Hints & Tips' page for more details.

High Build Undercoat

The perfect finish needs a firm foundation. Our High Build Undercoat offers (as the name implies) a high build paint to build film thickness for our Coach Enamel.

Burrells 2159 & 3555

Owner Patrick Edwards has repainted both his immaculate Burrell Engines with Craftmaster Paints, utilising our historic colour library to source the original colours and faithfully replicate their original appearances.

High Build Undercoat is supplied in 10 standard colours, each matching tonally to a group of top coat colours. For example; Crimson Lake, Manchester Red, and S C Crimson require a Dark Red Undercoat.

Undercoat is an important part of the painting process, without it you risk applying a thin paint job the fades fast and doesn't have the depth of colour and shine consistent with a top quality finish

If in doubt about which Undercoat colour you require, please contact us for advice