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Clear Varnish

Craftmaster Clear Varnish is a clear coat for applying on top of our Coach Enamels and Decorative Paints. It functions as a protective coat, with the bonus of added shine and depth.

Our Clear Varnish (with sufficient coats) is 98% reflective of UV light, making it the ultimate protection for paintwork. It's also non yellowing as it contains no polyurethane so the colour of your paintwork will remain consistent throughout the life of the varnish coat.

Varnish does however need maintaining. Scratches and similar damage should be touched in at the earliest opportunity.

As a rule anything living outside should be re coated every 2-3 years. Vehicles living indoors for the majority of their lives should be fine for significantly longer periods.

This needn't be a major job, a degrease followed by a light rub down and one coat will bring the paintwork back to life.

For further advice on the pro's and con's of Varnish, see our Hints & Tips page or contact our technical team.