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PPA Brushing Additive

The only additive for use when brush painting with our products. In difficult conditions, be they hot or cold, add a little PPA to our paints to aid the flow.

PPA works by lubricating the paint, and easing its flowing characteristics. This lengthens the window in which the paint is workable and slightly retards the drying time.

Add a maximum of 5% PPA to you paint for the best results. Don't add any more or you may negatively affect the coverage, and flow of the paint.

Craftmaster PPA is NOT compatible with the following products:

Synthetic Thinners

A Thinner specifically designed for spraying Craftmaster products (from our synthetic ranges). This is a fast acting thinner that accelerates drying times and as such, is unsuitable for use when brushing our products (use PPA instead)

Craftmaster Synthetic Thinners are not compatible with the following products:

Other Specific Thinners

We also offer Thinners for specific products. Our Etch Primer Thinners should only be used with the 1K Etch Primer. The Cellulose Thinners should only be used with cellulose products