Railway Archive Colour Range

A relatively new range, but one we are adding to as new colours come to light.

The colours have been accurately matched using samples provided by our customers.

We are particularly grateful to Ralph Timmins of RAC Timmins; a well known Locomotive and Carriage Painter (contact details available on request).

Click on a sample to see a larger version and colour code.

RA001 GWR Lining Brown
Colour Code: RA001 GWR Lining Brown
RA002 GWR Brown
Colour Code: RA002 GWR Brown
RA003 GWR Cream
Colour Code: RA003 GWR Cream
RA004 GWR Green
Colour Code: RA004 GWR Green
RA005 BR Green
Colour Code: RA005 BR Green
RA006 Orange Chrome (Lining)
Colour Code: RA006 Orange Chrome (Lining)
RA007 Vermillion (Lining)
Colour Code: RA007 Vermillion (Lining)
RA008 China Red
Colour Code: RA008 China Red
RA009 Signal Red
Colour Code: RA009 Signal Red
RA010 Pullman Lining
Colour Code: RA010 Pullman Lining
RA011 Pullman Cream
Colour Code: RA011 Pullman Cream
RA012 Pullman Umber
Colour Code: RA012 Pullman Umber
RA013 LMS Yellow (Lining)
Colour Code: RA013 LMS Yellow (Lining)
RA014 LNER Doncaster Green
Colour Code: RA014 LNER Doncaster Green
RA015 LNER Darlington Green
Colour Code: RA015 LNER Darlington Green
RA016 Mid Bronze Green (Southern)
Colour Code: RA016 Mid Bronze Green (Southern)
RA017 GWR Vehicle Brown
Colour Code: RA017 GWR Vehicle Brown
RA018 Eastleigh Olive
Colour Code: RA018 Eastleigh Olive
RA019 Ashford Olive
Colour Code: RA019 Ashford Olive
RA020 LNER Light Buckingham Green
Colour Code: RA020 LNER Light Buckingham Green
RA021 LNER Buckingham Green
Colour Code: RA021 LNER Buckingham Green
RA022 LNER Stone
Colour Code: RA022 LNER Stone
RA023 BR Mk I Cream (Custard)
Colour Code: RA023 BR Mk I Cream (Custard)
RA024 BR Mk I Crimson (Blood)
Colour Code: RA024 BR Mk I Crimson (Blood)
RA025 BR Mk I Roof Grey
Colour Code: RA025 BR Mk I Roof Grey
RA026 BR Early Feight Bauxite
Colour Code: RA026 BR Early Feight Bauxite
RA027 LNER Apple Green (Tornado Green)
Colour Code: RA027 LNER Apple Green (Tornado Green)
RA028 LSWR Loco Tan
Colour Code: RA028 LSWR Loco Tan
RA029 LMS Crimson Lake
Colour Code: RA029 LMS Crimson Lake
RA030 Primrose (Lining)
Colour Code: RA030 Primrose (Lining)
RA031 LNER Garter Blue
Colour Code: RA031 LNER Garter Blue
RA032 LNER Coronation Red
Colour Code: RA032 LNER Coronation Red
RA033 Sherwood Green
Colour Code: RA033 Sherwood Green
RA034 GNER Holly Green
Colour Code: RA034 GNER Holly Green
RA036 GNER Chocolate
Colour Code: RA036 GNER Chocolate
RA037 Deep Bronze Green
Colour Code: RA037 Deep Bronze Green
RA039 Lynton & Barnstaple Red
Colour Code: RA039 Lynton & Barnstaple Red

Note: These colour samples are for guidance only. The actual colours may differ due to variations in the displays used by PC manufacturers.

If you see a colour you like, please get in touch using the Contact Form opposite, and we can send you either a colour chart or a an actual sample of the colour in question.

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