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Craftmaster was founded in the mid 1990s by master Canal Boat Decorator Phil Speight. Through his work as Boat Painter Phil had noticed a dramatic decline in the quality of existing brands of Coach Enamel, in search of a solution Phil approached HMG Paints of Manchester.

HMG were keen to help, and together they produced a top quality brushing enamel with high build and high pigment content, this went on to become the mainstay of the Craftmaster range - our Coach Enamel.

Now armed with (what has become) one of the best Coach Enamels on the market Phil was inundated with requests from other painters (both DIY and professional) for his paint. Craftmaster Paints was duly set up with his wife Zita running the day to day operation whilst Phil dealt with technical matters in between his painting work.

Other products were duly added to the range, Primers, Undercoat, Signwriting Enamels, Flat Colour and of course our famous Craftmaster Clear Varnish. The business expanded and soon had a network of stockists along the UK canal network.

Craftmaster had also come to the attention of Traction Engine owners as perfect for their needs, from this Craftmaster has expanded into the Heritage Transport sector becoming the leading supplier of Paints to the Road Steam market. Craftmaster Products have also been used on Stationary Engines, Vintage & Classic Commercial Vehicles, Vintage & Veteran Cars, Stationary Engines and even Victorian Prams to name but a few.

The Company has also been involved in supplying paint to the newly built mainline Steam Locomotive 'Tornado' supplying paint for its initial Apple Green livery and most recently for its repaint into Deep Brunswick Green in which it should debut in Spring 2011.

In 2010 after many years at the helm Phil decided it was time to enter 'semi retirement' (although he still seems to be fairly busy with his brushes!) and sold the business to the Brown Family of Cambridgeshire (who also run Midsummer Models www.midsummermodels.co.uk.

Phil is still heavily involved with Craftmaster in a Product Development and Technical Assistance capacity (and as a roving representative).

Moving Forward the company has increased its stock holding and set up its own mixing facilities so that all colours can be mixed in house. Due to the new higher stock levels the majority of orders are dispatched within 24hrs improving service vastly on previous levels.

We hope to continue to improve our Service & Support for all our customers as well as where possible improving and expanding our product range.

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If you'd like a free colour chart, or have any queries or problems, please get in touch.